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Exclusive Exhibition

We are proudly announcing yet another collboration project for the upcoming November Cake International in Birmingham!

'Sylvia Elba, Yvette Marner and Ilinka Rnic, creators of the viral sensation "the Weddible Dress" are back with a new TOP SECRET project inspired by Disney.The original team are joined by the multi award winning Rhianydd Webb, cake designer Fatiha Kadi and the sensational Cake Diva Rose Dummer.

Sylvia will be project managing the team and they will be demonstrating how versatile wafer paper can be with her fabulous product "Fabriliquid". More will be revealed over coming months and watch out for sneak previews.

The project relies upon fabulous sponsors who are: Renshaw, Dummies Direct, Magic Colours, Shesto, The Cake Decorating Company, Harder and Steenbeck, Cerart, Tom Anderson, Kazbar Systems, Fun'n'Funky Cakes, Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, West Midland Safari Park and SElba Ltd.'

The Weddible Dress

Alexandra Palace, 16-17 April 2016 ​

“The Weddible Dress” comes to Cake International London 2016! ​ This collaboration includes Sylvia Elba, a multi-award winning cake sculptor, Yvette Marner a multi-award winning cake sculptor and founder of Fun N Funky Cakes; and Ilinka Rnic, who has an Art, Design and Photography background and is also multi-award winning cake designer.

The lifesize edible dress, plus accessories is being created from fondant, cake lace and wafer paper which will be ‘sewn’ and fabricated with Fabriliquid. ​

The mannequin is 170cm tall and the dress core circumference is 220cm. To make 1500 ruffles for the dress they will use approximately 1-2000 sheets of wafer paper, 30 bottles of Fabriliquid, 73kg of fondant and 7 kg of cake lace.
The Weddible Dress team would like to say a special thank you to the sponsors Dummies Direct, Renshaw, Magic Colours, The Cake Decorating Co. and Selba Ltd.